Lightweight parts Interior

  • PU-GF-PAPER honeycomb lightweight products
    (loadfloor, parcel shelf, sunshade, truckbed carrier board)
  • Lightweight construction for visual, structural and functional components in the interior from our technology portfolio
  • Duroplast / paper honeycomb hybrid sandwich panels laminated for functional components
  • Thermoplastic-based hybrid sandwiches in the 2K TSG One-Shot as a metal substitution for structural components and for colored visible components
  • Hybrid sandwiches in combination with thermoplastic / thermoset and carbon fiber fleece for decorative visible parts
  • Hybrid sandwiches with EPP foam core laminated or with visible carbon in one-shot for low-cost substitution of existing RTM and organo-sheet functional components
  • Gas internal pressure technology components with plastics / fillers of lower density than previous series applications