Composite tools

We are able to produce tools up to 100 tons.

CF RTM tools

  • Preform, trimming and cooling tools
  • Optional laser hardening for fiber clamping
  • Experience with the implementation of different sealing and ejector concepts

CF wet pressing tools

  • Precise fiber tension and orientation through segmented hold-down technology developed by Koller
  • Innovative design of the process surface ensures optimum resin leakage and component ventilation

CF Hybrid tools

The part lifter gas spring and foil hold-down concept introduced by Koller enables:

  • Koller Seal & Overcooler Concept (sheet metal-metal transition)
  • Highest spotting requirements

PU Press tools

  • Press tools for sandwich sizes up to 2.5m
  • modular design for multiple cavities
  • high stability due to special pinch edge technology
  • one shot technology
  • Weight-optimized tool design
  • different heating media can be used

SMC tools

  • integrated vacuum technology
  • IMC in-mold coating capable
  • Class A surface executable
  • Hard chromed surfaces possible
  • Dive edge version for circumferential trimming