Guiding Principals at Koller Group

Foreseeing, understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers determines our actions.

As a conscientious supplier, we make valuable contributions to the success of our customers. For them, we create the highest benefit through our commitment to service and reliability.

We are committed to the well-being of our employees and their personal development in particular.

We reject any form of discrimination and personal degradation. We show and demand understanding and respect in dealing with each other.

We believe in the value of many years of personal relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners.

We are committed to the abolition of forced labor and child labor and promote the right of association.

As an innovative and competitive company, we place our tradition of innovation, constant change and progress at the service of our customers.

Continuous innovation in all areas is crucial to our long-term success. The development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies comes first.

Our corporate structure rewards creativity and initiative of each individual.

Genuine entrepreneurship has always shaped our culture and is the foundation of our success.

We cultivate this tradition by consistently delegating responsibility and expecting their awareness.

We rely on solid leadership, based on personal examples, characterized by modesty, trust in our employees and the promotion of team spirit.

Our company is jointly committed to the protection of the environment. Environmental awareness and precautionary approach is exemplified by management and sustainable supported.

We want to live up to our social responsibility and use the utmost care for the safety of our employees and our products.

We place high demands on personal behavior.

Fairness and integrity determine the cooperation both in the company and with business partners and the public.

Fight against corruption (extortion, bribery) and the protection of human rights are integral parts of our corporate culture.